"The Team"

Our team brings many decades of experience covering all kinds of sports at the professional, collegiate, and local levels. We bring it all to you, right here in East Texas, so keep your radio set to 92.1 FM "The Team".

Ted Sorrells

The Press Box · 6a - 8a
"If I ever miss a meal, it's because it required a necktie and TWO forks."

Kevin Simon

The Press Box · 6a - 8a
"I watch sports to escape the sadness of real world issues...then I cry when my team loses."

Bryan Houston

"Staubach is still the king!"

Chuck McKinley

"Chuck (left) was a stunt double for Actor Edward Albert in the 1981 Roger Corman Classic 'Galaxy Of Terror.'"

Kevin Arden

Producer, SportsTalk · 4p - 6p
"Believes the hole in the roof at Texas Stadium was to allow alien abductions."

Chris Jones

Producer, Halftime · 11a - Noon
"Look at all the pretty lights! What does this button do?"